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Homeschooling Through the High School Years – Don’t Be Afraid

April 16, 2011

“Mom, this is a memory I will forever cherish!”

What music to my ears! So what had we done that was so memorable? My son and I share a love of all things shellfish, so while I was out shopping yesterday, I purchased 4 live Blue Crabs. My son and I spent the next hour boiling, cleaning and eating them. Little did I know that such a simple experience would be so memorable for him. Never miss a chance to bond with your kids. You never know what cherished memories you may create!

Moms, don’t be afraid of homeschooling through high school. You can do it. If God has called you this far, he will sustain you to the end.

5 Potholes Homeschool Parents Should Avoid

February 20, 2011

Parents are deciding to take the homeschool journey in ever-increasing numbers, and for myriad reasons.

Our family has traveled the homeschool path, and I want to encourage you young moms and dads as you start out on your own homeschooling journey.

There are many wonderful and successful strategies for navigating the road, but there are a few potholes that are common snares for all travelers.

Here are 5 potholes all homeschool parents should avoid:

1. Leave home too often –
When I first started homeschooling, I had a wonderful vision of visiting all the museums, missions, science fairs and national parks that we could possibly take in. Reality soon set in, and I realized that going to the grocery store, or attending a park day, ate up our day, and our productivity. Once we left the house, all motivation to complete the day’s lesson plans was lost. Instantly. Permanently. I learned that I had to plan outings and errands very carefully to minimize disruption of our school schedule.

2. Choose a curriculum or class because it’s trendy –
There is a dizzying array of classes, materials, curricula and free down-loadable lessons available to homeschoolers today. This is both a blessing and a curse…especially for new homeschool parents. There is a temptation to use a certain curriculum because it is the popular offering at the homeschool convention this year. Study your children. Find out how they learn best, and find out how you learn best. Then choose learning materials that fit your family.

3. Compare your family and homeschool to others –
This is one of the more dangerous potholes that can cause a serious blowout on the homeschool road. We can always find a mom who seems more organized, more confident, and better dressed than we are. And of course, her children are NEVER behind in their lesson plans, they NEVER complain about chores, and they are working two grades ahead of our children who are the same ages. And they speak fluent French. And Spanish. If you allow yourself to compare your family to other families, you will find it hard to be content, and your confidence in your ability to finish the homeschool journey will suffer.

4. Look too far into the future –
Psalm 119:105 tells us that God’s word is a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path. God limits our vision to small steps in front of us so that we have to trust him little by little along the way. If we were able to see far into the future, we may become overwhelmed and fearful, or we may become arrogant, and forget that we need to rely on Him. Don’t fret about high school graduation when your child is starting third grade! Walk confidently in the glow of the lamp, and the brighter beam of the light. You can reach your homeschool destination with God’s help, step by step, year by year.

5. Forget to rely on God –
The homeschool journey is extremely rewarding, but it is also extremely challenging. Forget God at your own peril! God is sufficient to provide you with the patience, strength and wisdom you will need to navigate the homeschool road. Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you. Let Him be your guide!

Encouragement From A Homeschool Veteran

February 16, 2011

I’ve been reflecting on our family’s fourteen-year homeschooling journey lately.
When we began our epic quest in 1994, there weren’t many veteran homeschoolers around to talk with, or to get advice from.
I’ve often wondered how my personal journey would have been different if I had had the chance to seek a veteran’s help.

Would I have reached out for the help I needed? Or would I have been too proud.

Would a veteran mom notice that I was struggling and reach out to me first so that I wouldn’t get too discouraged and want to give up?

Dawn, over at 5 Kids and A Dog, recently wrote about her experiences with what I call DHMS (Discouraged Homeschool Mom Syndrome).
Her article titled, “10 Things to Think About When Friends Stop Homeschooling” chronicles her own personal struggles while walking the homeschooling path.

Her article was a follow up to an article titled, “When Friends Stop Homeschooling” by Lee Binz, The Home Scholar.

Thinking back on all those times over the years when I questioned my own sanity for wanting to homeschool, and my ability to finish what I had started, I believe that some encouragement (or just a listening ear) from a veteran homeschooling mom would have made all the difference to my world.

I began considering how I could reach out to homeschooling moms around me.
I’d like to be an encouragement. I’d like to help you see how you can overcome the daily obstacles you will face.
I’d like to help you feel successful, even in the small tasks of daily life.

So I’d like to invite you to ask questions. I invite you to share your thorns…and your roses, too! The Lord knows, we all need the beauty of roses.

You can find me right here on the blog, or you can find me on Twitter. I will be posting with #homeschoolveteran

You can also find me on Facebook

I don’t claim to know it all, but I do know what I’ve experienced with my own three children and husband.

I know what it’s like to be the wife, the mom, and the teacher. Oh, and the entrepreneur! (Imagine doing calligraphy with little ones running around!)

I’d like to help if I can. I’m willing to listen.

Let’s talk.

Hip Homeschool Hoppin’ today!

January 4, 2011


Pros and Cons of Home Education

December 29, 2010

The choice to educate your children at home is not an easy one. It is definitely a lifestyle choice as much as an educational choice. Homeschooling families are quick to recount the positive aspects of schooling at home, but as with any major life decision, there are some challenges to consider as well.

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