Encouragement From A Homeschool Veteran

I’ve been reflecting on our family’s fourteen-year homeschooling journey lately.
When we began our epic quest in 1994, there weren’t many veteran homeschoolers around to talk with, or to get advice from.
I’ve often wondered how my personal journey would have been different if I had had the chance to seek a veteran’s help.

Would I have reached out for the help I needed? Or would I have been too proud.

Would a veteran mom notice that I was struggling and reach out to me first so that I wouldn’t get too discouraged and want to give up?

Dawn, over at 5 Kids and A Dog, recently wrote about her experiences with what I call DHMS (Discouraged Homeschool Mom Syndrome).
Her article titled, “10 Things to Think About When Friends Stop Homeschooling” chronicles her own personal struggles while walking the homeschooling path.

Her article was a follow up to an article titled, “When Friends Stop Homeschooling” by Lee Binz, The Home Scholar.

Thinking back on all those times over the years when I questioned my own sanity for wanting to homeschool, and my ability to finish what I had started, I believe that some encouragement (or just a listening ear) from a veteran homeschooling mom would have made all the difference to my world.

I began considering how I could reach out to homeschooling moms around me.
I’d like to be an encouragement. I’d like to help you see how you can overcome the daily obstacles you will face.
I’d like to help you feel successful, even in the small tasks of daily life.

So I’d like to invite you to ask questions. I invite you to share your thorns…and your roses, too! The Lord knows, we all need the beauty of roses.

You can find me right here on the blog, or you can find me on Twitter. I will be posting with #homeschoolveteran

You can also find me on Facebook

I don’t claim to know it all, but I do know what I’ve experienced with my own three children and husband.

I know what it’s like to be the wife, the mom, and the teacher. Oh, and the entrepreneur! (Imagine doing calligraphy with little ones running around!)

I’d like to help if I can. I’m willing to listen.

Let’s talk.

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2 Comments on “Encouragement From A Homeschool Veteran”

  1. haphazard momma Says:

    Oh I so need a mentor in this area right now! We have 3 daughters age 7, 5 and 2. I have been determined to do this since even the thought of having kids, but now that the time is here…wow, what a huge responsibility! And I have questioned what in the world made me think that I could do this, I am so unorganized and am really poor at finishing what I start, then when I get the resistance from “my students” it really stumps me. Anyway, I look forward to poking around your site some more…

    • I’d love to encourage you as you begin your journey in homeschooling.

      It is a big responsibility, but resist the temptation to look too far down the road.

      Set just a few goals for each day/week and work to accomplish them. Small successes will encourage you to move forward, and will help you gain confidence.

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