New Economics Text for Middle Schoolers

I’m thrilled with the newest Economics text from the Ludwig von Mises Institute, “Lessons for the Young Economist”. Robert Murphy’s text is meant to be a great beginning economics education for students in high school.  After reading it over, I intend to use this text for middle schoolers as well.

As homeschool parents, we are confident in our curriculum choices for the elementary grades, and we prepare for the rigors of high school advancement, but we often lack a solid plan for education during the middle school years.  Why wait for high school to introduce a subject like Economics? “Lessons for the Young Economist” is a great resource for teaching this required subject at a level that your student can easily understand.

Each chapter is brief, but meaty, and introduces key economic terms and phrases. Modern language and examples make the text interesting and easy to read.  At the end of each chapter the author has included a brief lesson recap, list of new terms, and study questions.  A few chapters are labeled “Advanced”; parents of middle school students can easily choose to skip these chapters at their discretion.

“Lessons for the Young Economist” is a wonderful resource for teaching economics to the middle school student.  Don’t let your middle schooler languish as they wait to begin high school studies. Get them started with their economics education, and finish these much-needed credits.

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