RECORDING July Open House –Economics and U.S. Government

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RECORDING July Open House –Economics and U.S. Government

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My Homeschool Curriculum Style

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The Ultimate Homeschool Blogroll

I’m linking up with the Ultimate Homeschool Blogroll to share our homeschool curriculum and teaching style with you.

As a 14-year homeschool veteran, we tried many approaches to education over the years.  If I had to choose one style that best described us, I would say that we had a unit study homeschool.

We loved to choose a subject, then selected books, field trips, movies, art projects, writing projects, photography scavenger hunts, etc., around the chosen subject.

I did approach math with a traditional textbook.  That seemed to work best for us.  In addition to the math book, I had a closet full of math manipulatives and logic puzzles for the kids to play with during our read aloud time.

Science projects were always fun at our house.  I don’t do scientific formula type of math, but the kids loved to do basic physics, basic chemistry with hands-on experiments. We loved learning about the human body, and we really loved animal studies and botany/gardening.

As the kids reached high school, our field trips had to give way to more traditional textbook and laboratory learning in order to complete requirements for college admission.

All in all, we had a ton of fun, and I loved being home with my kids.  My children have all done really well in adulthood, and have thanked me for homeschooling them.

Keep it up, moms. You can do it!

Cinco de Mayo Giveaway!

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Enter your name and email here, and you may be a winner!

Five lucky “Cinco de Mayo” winners will each
receive a prize bundle containing helpful homeschool economics resources:

Deadline to enter the contest is 11:59 p.m. on May 5, 2011.

-Symbols on American Money
-A Day in the Life of the FOMC
-Benjamin Franklin, and the Birth of a Paper Money Economy

One very lucky winner will get to attend a two-session summer elective class gratis (for FREE!)

The winner may choose from age-appropriate electives:

Best for ages 8-13
-Fascinating First Ladies
-Peerless Presidents
-Fearless Founders
-All About Money

Best for ages 11-18
-Savvy Stewardship
-Financial Series-Federal Reserve
-Financial Series-Banking

Don’t miss out! Enter to win today. Deadline to enter the contest is 11:59 p.m. on May 5, 2011.

Loyalty Freebie

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Loyalty Freebie

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Including Current Events in Your Teen’s Homeschool

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Teens like to express their opinions, and many need an appropriate outlet for very strong opinions. Teens like to debate, and to test their argumentation skills. They are learning about the world, and trying to form their own worldviews.

Exploring current events, and asking them to offer their opinions about daily news is a great way to help your students to think critically about politics, religion, world affairs, and local stories.

Very soon your students will be entering adulthood. They want to assume adult responsibilities, even though they sometimes don’t act like it. They want to be seen as adults, not as children. It’s important for you to guide them into thinking about the adult issues that will confront them in the future.

Including current events in your teen’s homeschool program can be extremely beneficial to their transition into adulthood.

In the next post, I’ll give an example of current events assignments that are part of my Government and Economics courses.

Homeschooling Through the High School Years – Don’t Be Afraid

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“Mom, this is a memory I will forever cherish!”

What music to my ears! So what had we done that was so memorable? My son and I share a love of all things shellfish, so while I was out shopping yesterday, I purchased 4 live Blue Crabs. My son and I spent the next hour boiling, cleaning and eating them. Little did I know that such a simple experience would be so memorable for him. Never miss a chance to bond with your kids. You never know what cherished memories you may create!

Moms, don’t be afraid of homeschooling through high school. You can do it. If God has called you this far, he will sustain you to the end.

Live! Government 101 – Summer 2011

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Live! Government 101 – Summer 2011

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